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Simpsons Layla

Simpsons Layla, 298601, is a 2005 Percheron by Mi Grandeur Brett and out of Ryan's Lila Lee and is a product of Simpsons Percherons. She was purchased as a potential broodmare for Friesian crosses but is turning into a nice driving horse as well. Fred, the Percheron/Friesian cross, is coming along nicely.

Layla ground driving

Layla being ground driven by Harry

Cameron and Layla ground driving

Layla and Cameron being ground driven by Harry

Layla at American Scurry

Layla driven by Cindy at an American Scurry event at Sargent Equestrian Center

Layla at Clay Station HDT

Layla doing a Dressage test at a Clay Station Horse Park HDT

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