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Cameron, 200014371, is a 2000 Friesian bred by Fred De Boer of De Boer Royal Friesians and is by Pyt 325 and out of Wandaa Pref. He was purchased as a weanling as a companion for Stewart (that's my excuse anyway!). He and Stewart get along together very well. This year, 2009, we decided to simplify everyone's life and had Cameron and Stewart gelded.

Cameron Friesian gelding

Cameron being shown off by Bruce Griffin

Cameron with Cindy driving

Cameron hooked to a Meadowbrook cart with Cindy driving

Cindy driving Cameron in a Leslie Berndl clinic

Cindy driving Cameron in a 2009 Leslie Berndl clinic

Cindy riding Cameron

Cindy riding Cameron in a 2007 Shaana Pritchard-Risley clinic

Shaana riding Cameron

Shaana Pritchard-Risley riding Cameron in her 2007 clinic

Cameron and Stewart playing

Cameron and Stewart playing at home

Cameron and Layla driving

Cameron and Layla being ground driven by Harry

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